How to work for a big tech company if you don’t know about coding?

Meta: So you want to step your foot in the tech industry? Learn more about these jobs so know which position you can apply for. And don’t worry, you don’t have to learn about coding to apply for the job.

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Working in the IT field is a dream job for many people. Most of them think that they need to learn how to code to be able to work for a big tech company. However, the fact is that you don’t really need those skills to be an employee of those desired companies. Let’s take a look at positions in tech giants that you can apply for without having a computer background. 

  1. Tech Recruiters

Tech industry is growing very fast, that means companies need to recruit more employees to deal with the increasing amount of work. Tech Recruiters is one of a few jobs where you are not required to have an IT knowledge background in the descriptions.

Working for tech companies is a dream for everyone

The main job for you is to look for talents on the internet. Once they get the list of the best candidates, you start to conduct phone calls with them and persuade the ideal talent to work with the company. The requirements for this position include the ability to conduct unique research and interpersonal skills. 

In return, you will be able to meet and talk to people with amazing skills, from blockchain developers to hackers, etc…. As you can see, although you are not required to have IT knowledge, this job is still challenging and promising. If you wonder how to work for a big tech company, this is a good option.

  1. Product Marketers

One of the most important tasks for tech companies is to develop innovative products. Even though the company has a great team of coding talents, but the products they build are not innovative or popular among customers, they can’t be successful. That’s why these companies need employees who can come up with awesome ideas.

To be able to do that, they need to conduct market research, analyze the pros and cons. And more importantly, they need a successful marketing campaign while releasing a new product. Product marketer is the position that you can apply that doesn’t require a coding skill. Your job includes marketing activities that need to be done during the process of developing the product. 

Your research should be reported to the product managers who have better IT knowledge and technical skills. Together you can develop an ideal product that everyone wants to have!

  1. Business Developers

While it’s important to understand your customers before launching a new product, you also need to cooperate with other business partners to deliver a big hit. And you need a business developer to handle the job.

You don’t need coding skills to work for these companies 

Business developers in tech companies not only focus on selling a product, but also building a partnership. The crucial strategy is to find out what each company could bring and utilize their advantages to make all stronger.

If you like building relationships, creating partnerships and negotiation for good deals, this is the right position for you!

  1. Sales Development

For those who love to work for tech companies without coding skills, you can work as a person who develops sales for such companies. In this role, you are responsible for building a sales strategy that makes customers want to buy the product. 

In business, although your product is great, you still need to sell it to customers. That’s how more customers know about it and are willing to buy it. Working in a sales team in tech companies is a good start for you to enter the industry.  

Not to mention, you will have a lot of potential to develop your career as a salesman in the promising industry. Whether you are a beginner or a sales expert, you can apply for a job in the sales development area.

As a sales development representative for tech companies, you are the first one to send emails and make phone calls to your client. By doing that, you will earn valuable experience talking to decision makers in the company. With those experiences, you can even switch to a product marketing position or become an account executive.

If you are good at negotiation, making calls to clients, listening well, asking good questions, and pushing hard for results, you would be an ideal candidate to work in sales development.

Tech industry is a promising area to work in, and you will have a great opportunity to develop your career here. Now that you know how to work for a big tech company without coding skills, what are you waiting for?

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